Charlize et Mackenzie pour AP News – Photos et interview

Le 17 avril dernier, Charlize a participé à une journée presse pour la promo du film ‘Tully’. Avec sa co-star Mackenzie Davis, elle a répondu à des questions d’Associated Press et elles ont posé pour le photographe Chris Pizzello au Four Seasons Hotel, à Los Angeles.

Voici les photos et l’interview du duo:

Q&A: Theron, Davis on kinship, Netflix and supportive actors

By LINDSEY BAHR – May. 03, 2018

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Charlize Theron had wanted to work again with screenwriter Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman since the movie “Young Adult,” in which Theron got to play a true mess of a character — alcoholic, all-around stunted and viciously hilarious.

So when Cody dreamed up the idea for “Tully,” a somewhat undefinable look at the harsh, messy and often funny realities of motherhood, Theron didn’t even have to read the script before saying yes to playing the mother of three, who finally decides to let someone into her life to help in the form of a night nanny, Tully, played by Mackenzie Davis.

The two actresses spoke recently to The Associated Press about this unconventional movie (the less you know, the better), why film needs to step it up to compete with what’s on television and the rare joy of finding an actor willing to play a secondary role to a woman.

Remarks have been edited for clarity and brevity.

AP: Mackenzie, how did you join this team?

THERON: Well the actress that we wanted wasn’t available, but she was a close friend of my agent…

DAVIS: And so I snuck through the grapevine. No, Jason told me about it. I was a die-hard fan of “Young Adult.” And the role is so lovely. It’s something I hadn’t played before. I found it really nurturing to be in that role to another woman. That’s so much of how you are with your friends. And it’s such an important part of my life and a nourishing part of my life that it was nice to perform that on film and with Charlize.

AP: I was a little worried she might be a sort of manic pixie dream night nanny at the beginning, but that’s not the case at all.

THERON: You go there because we’ve been fed that for so long, this misconception that women could never be supportive of one another. Like, you would definitely just try to steal my husband from me. And we make fun of that in the movie.

DAVIS: I’ve seen some of that stuff already from the trailer. People being like, “Well of course she (expletives) the husband.” And I’m like well it might be different than what you think.

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