Nouvelle interview de Charlize pour The New York Times

The New York Times a publié hier une nouvelle interview de Charlize, pour la promotion du film ‘Tully‘. Lors de la conférence de presse au Four Seasons hotel à Los Angeles, le 17 avril dernier, elle a d’ailleurs posé pour le photographe Andrew White.

Retrouvez l’interview et les photos ci-dessous:

For Charlize Theron, Motherhood Is Messy Business

A Word With

For Charlize Theron, acting means going beyond the script. And she doesn’t shy away from subverting traditional notions of beauty to get into character: wearing mottled makeup and rotting teeth to play the serial killer Aileen Wuornos in “Monster” (and winning an Oscar); adding sinewy muscle and shaving her head as the one-armed warrior Furiosa in “Mad Max: Fury Road”; fighting so hard in hand-to-hand combat while filming “Atomic Blonde” that she bruised ribs and cracked teeth.

So she wasn’t about to climb into a fat suit for “Tully,” her second collaboration, after “Young Adult,” with the director Jason Reitman and the screenwriter Diablo Cody.

For the film, which opens on Friday, May 4, Ms. Theron packed on nearly 50 pounds — eating In-N-Out Burger for breakfast and cold mac and cheese late at night — to play Marlo, an end-of-her-tether mother of three (including an infant) who reluctantly accepts her wealthy brother’s gift of a night nurse, the Mary Poppins-esque Tully (Mackenzie Davis).

But it was Ms. Theron’s own experiences, with her adopted children — a son, Jackson, 6, and a daughter, August, 2 — that most helped her hone her performance.

“I just remember my body and my brain not really being on the same page,” she said. “That period, especially the first couple of months, is so all-consuming that you have these small moments where you realize how far you have pushed yourself aside just to make sure this little thing stays alive.”

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